About Me


My Background

I have been working in the IT business for almost 25 years, working with all manner of business and personal computer items in a managerial business position.  I can configure a server, solve slow computer issues, replace computer parts, sort out internet problems and help people to learn.


High-Quality Service and Professional Advice

My remit has always been to work professionally and without the gibberish that can confuse people.  If I can’t fix it or help you, then I will tell you so without charge.  I don’t believe in talking down to people because they don’t know something as sometimes I can find myself completely baffled too. I charge by the quarter hour at £6.25 (or £25 for a full hour) as I don’t believe people should pay me for time unnecessarily just because I was there for 25 minutes and not a full hour.



I can offer services for slow or non-booting machines, advice on purchasing a new machine, recovering data off a broken machine, training on the best way to utilise your computer (laptop or desktop), tablet or mobile.  I also can help with website setup or server configuration.